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What's a cake topper?

Cake toppers are small, handmade polymer clay models.

They range in size from just a couple of inches up to twelve inches tall.

All made by artist Heather Sweet.

What's it for?

Cake toppers are great for a variety of occasions as well as just gifts.

Personalise your cake that little bit more with a bespoke wedding cake topper that's just for you.

What else do you do?

Heather Sweet makes huge wacky sugar sculptures as a unique alternative display piece to a cake (non-edible).

She also makes quirk clay characters for gifts and collections (www.wackyweddingsculptures.co.uk)

Heather offers cake decorating classes too (www.heatherscakeclasses.co.uk).

Paratrooper Wedding ...

Uniform groom with bride.


A bride and groom topper made from clay


A 6 inch Phantom of the opera wedding cake th...

Bride keepsake cake...

Bride wedding keepsake figurine

Bride with long veil and groom with a pink ti...

Bride with long veil and groom with a pink ti...

Unlike some cake topper makers, I use no moulds to make any part of your figures.

Each topper is hand sculpted for you from polymer clay and is 100% unique with delicately hand painted features to match your own. These are representations not caricatures, but hair, clothes and other features important to you can be copied in tiny detail.

I will not post a topper to you until you say you absolutely love it!

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